Pilot Program

As we implement the HQIM- PL initiative over the next 2-3 years, we will identify approximately 18 districts that will receive intensive MS-CCRS training on tools and processes for thoroughly reviewing resources for alignment and quality and create a list of vetted materials for distribution. Statewide, teachers in the pilot districts will provide training for other educators on the tools and processes and thereby create greater awareness. All educators will have access to a list of vetted, aligned materials, resources, and professional learning through a dedicated webpage. Additionally, we will begin work with the Office of Teaching and Leading and IHL to ensure pre-service teachers exit programs with an understanding of quality.

Teachers, We See You.

Mississippi teachers, leaders, students, and parents have been working hard. You have been working hard. We’re all seeing the fruits of this labor. 

In 2019, Mississippi students were ranked #1 for gains in fourth-grade reading and math in the country. 

This is huge. We must continue to build on this momentum.

How do we get even better?

We must ensure all our students and teachers have access to the best materials, aligned to our learning standards, so Mississippi teachers can give every Mississippi student a great education–no matter at what level they start. This site was built to help teachers become part of the selection and adoption process, so teachers can ensure they have access to high-quality instructional materials. We provide resources, tools, and a list of materials that have been reviewed and adopted by the Mississippi Department of Education, all in one place!

We know every district has a different selection process.

This website is designed to help teachers understand how materials selection and adoption might be happening at your school and provide teachers with the tools to help their schools select high-quality instructional materials (HQIM). 

Dedicated to HQIM

Mississippi is working in close partnership with the twelve-state Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) Instructional Materials and Professional Development Network. Together, we’re helping teachers increase districts’ adoption and use of high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials.


The Mississippi Department of Education has worked in close partnership with Mississippi First to produce and launch this resource for Mississippi teachers. Mississippi First will continue to manage the site until the end of 2020.