Foundational Skills Team

LaToya W. Clark

Natchez-Adams School District

Working as an ELA Highly Qualified Instructional Materials Ambassador has added to the wealth of experience I have as an educator. Sharing my knowledge and expertise in this process has been such a reward in knowing that it will be used to reach boys and girls all over Mississippi.

Emily Eaton

North Tippah School

As a reviewer for Foundational Skills, I am so proud of Mississippi for recognizing the importance of teaching the Science of Reading and ensuring that the instructional materials recommended to the schools in our state reflect the skills that students must have to become strong and fluent readers.

Gidget Mansell

North Tippah School District (EIR)

Rachel K. Powell, PhD, CCC-SLP

Brookhaven School

As a reviewer for High-Quality Instructional Materials English Language Arts Foundational Skills, I learned how to critically analyze instructional materials. Foundational Skills are the building blocks of all reading, and it is critical that the materials selected follow a scope and sequence that evidence-based, and that students are taught with explicit, direct instruction and have a frequent practice of reading in context.

Korrie Smith

Lee County School

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be on the HQIM Review team. This opportunity has allowed me to view and use textbooks in a different way. It has also allowed me to review and rethink the Mississippi standards and the need for a well-rounded reading program.

Kindergarten – Second Grade Team

Marchella Bobo

South Panola School

It was an honor to be a part of the process that will ensure all students and teachers will have access to high-quality instructional materials that will contribute and improve students’ learning in English Language Arts.

Sam Gilbert

The University of

I was honored to be a part of the HQIM review process. It was a rewarding experience that will have a lasting effect on all Mississippi students.

Erica Hendricks

Jackson Public Schools

The HQIM review process allowed me as an early childhood educator, to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of what high-quality instructional material should look like. Through this experience, I was able to give examples and provide a rationale for the curriculum that will be used to help impact student growth in ELA.

Teresa Williams

Biloxi Public

I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the HQIM review process with educators from all over the state of Mississippi.  The process gave us knowledge and guidance to explore curriculums to ensure that the students of Mississippi receive a high quality reading curriculum.

Third – Fifth Grade Team

Timothy Johnson

Covington County School District

The HQIM review experience has been a thought-provoking and enlightening process, that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Carol Davis Smith

Desoto County School

As a lifelong Mississippian and proud public-school educator, I am thrilled to see our state commit to ensuring High Quality Instructional Materials are in the hands of all Mississippi students.  The students in our state deserve and are capable of meeting the expectations set by high quality materials and instructional practices. I am honored to have been part of this process.

Paula Tribble

South Panola School District

Being a part of this HQIM team has been challenging but rewarding. I am blessed to  have a hand in making sure the children of Mississippi have only the highest quality of materials as they strive to learn and succeed.