Instructional materials matter to Mississippi teachers. With high-quality instructional materials, Mississippi teachers can bring lessons to life and inspire their students to learn and grow.

Calling All Social Studies Teachers!

Ready to bring your history lessons to life? The Mississippi Department of Education and Mississippi teachers have also reviewed and adopted high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) for social studies. Check out the rubric and the list of high-quality instructional materials

Teaching is challenging; high-quality materials can make it easier.

Many schools do not provide teachers with instructional materials that meet student needs, and teachers must fill the gaps. 73% of U.S. teachers say they use materials found online more than they use hardcover textbooks. More than 93% of teachers report frequently using their own or locally developed materials.

Discover materials that will help you best support your students.

We spoke with Mississippi teachers from across the state and learned how important high-quality, standards-aligned materials are to their students’ success. This site provides information and resources to ensure Mississippi teachers have instructional materials that get students excited to learn and prepare them for their future.

Instructional Materials Matter to Mississippi Teachers.

# 0 In 2019, Mississippi students were ranked first nationwide for gains in fourth-grade reading and math.
0 In 2018-2019, there were 31,657 classroom teachers in Mississippi.
0 In 2018-2019, there were 470,668 students in Mississippi public schools.


Hey, math teachers!

Hey, math teachers!

What were we most excited to share with Mississippi teachers when we first launched the site? The math materials! The Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi school districts, and Mississippi teachers spent a lot of time and energy adopting a high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) math rubric and then reviewing K-8 math materials to ensure their quality!…

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How does your district select instructional materials?

How does your district select instructional materials?

The answer is it depends. One of the defining features of our current educational system is that districts have local control. Part of this local control is the ability to select and adopt curriculum, provided that the choices meet state standards. The Mississippi Department of Education does not mandate the materials a school uses to…

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