Every school district in Mississippi has its own instructional materials selection process. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your school leaders to understand how your district selects its materials.

Questions to Ask:

  1. What is the timeline for curriculum adoption? How often does the district select and purchase new materials?
  2. Are teachers part of the evaluation process? What role do teachers play in the process?
  3. Does the district use the MDE rubric to evaluate materials?

Make Recommendations to Your School Leaders

Once you have an understanding of the process, present the HQIM that you feel best supports your students. Use the questions below to help build your case.

  1. What elements of the materials will help you teach your student better?
  2. How do the materials lend themselves to differentiated instructional strategies?
  3. Will the materials help you teach in-person and virtually?
  4. Do you know of other Mississippi schools that are using the materials? What has their experience been?