Teaching and navigating ELA instruction may be challenging, but when teachers are provided high-quality, standards-aligned materials and training, they can focus on bringing their lessons to life instead of spending extra time searching for or creating materials.

What is happening now…

MDE is continuing to work with Mississippi teachers and school districts to review ELA materials so they can adopt an instructional materials list just like they did for math and social studies. Since they are still in the process of reviewing materials, this section of our site is still under construction. We will update it as soon as the materials are identified.

In the meantime, we encourage you to use the math and social studies rubrics to evaluate your materials and to search for the materials your district is currently using on the EdReports site in order to see how they measure up!

Also, here are two other great resources from EdReports to help you evaluate your materials until MDE releases the state-adopted rubric and list.