If you are interested in the evaluation of instructional materials, EdReports is the expert. 

EdReports.org is an independent nonprofit that increases the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest quality instructional materials. Drawing upon expert educators (they are looking for Mississippi reviewers!), their reviews of instructional materials and support of smart adoption processes equip teachers with excellent materials nationwide.

In 2019, EdReports partnered with the Mississippi Department of Education and Mississippi teachers to develop the High-Quality Instructional Materials Review Rubric for K-8 and High School. EdReports’ comprehensive reports are created by teacher reviewers from across the country.

Our site is focused on the materials that Mississippi has adopted, but their site has published reports for over 600 ELA, Math, and Science materials. You should check it out, especially if your district is using materials not on the MDE-recommended math and ELA list. See how they rate!