Many schools do not provide teachers with instructional materials that meet student needs, and teachers must fill the gaps. 

73% of U.S. teachers say they use materials found online more than they use hardcover textbooks. More than 93% of teachers report frequently using their own or locally developed materials. Searching for supplemental materials can be exhausting, given the vast amount of content available online and the wide range of quality.

This site provides resources to ensure Mississippi teachers have access to high-quality instructional materials that get students excited to learn and prepare them for their future. Specifically, teachers can use this site to

  1. evaluate their current materials and
  2. find tools to encourage their district leaders to provide access to and training for standards-aligned materials.

We hope these resources increase

  • the use of high-quality instructional materials in Mississippi classrooms and
  • the number of teachers receiving professional development that improves their knowledge and ability to use high-quality instructional materials.

The Mississippi Department of Education and key partners are committed to providing resources, training, tools, and leadership to support decisions made at the district level related to curriculum and instructional materials. In the future, we hope to provide a place for teachers to share and search local high-quality instructional materials that are standards-aligned. Please let us know how we can support you!

The Evidence

Over the past couple of years, research dedicated to the importance of high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials has grown. With the help of Nebraska’s Instructional Materials Collaboration, we have organized this research for teachers’ use. We believe the research demonstrates that when teachers have great instructional materials, they can focus their energy on inspiring students to learn.