In an effort to increase teacher access to high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), the Mississippi Department of Education, in partnership with Mississippi First, has launched a new website for Mississippi teachers!

This new site was made with Mississippi teachers in mind. We know that when teachers have access to HQIM, including curriculum, students succeed at a higher rate.

We hope this will provide you with all the information you need to advocate for hiqh-quality instructional materials in your classroom!

Let’s take a tour!


You have been working hard. We need to continue to build on that momentum and make sure ALL Mississippi teachers have access to high-quality instructional materials so you can focus on bringing your lessons to life and inspiring your students to learn and grow.

State-Adopted Materials

The Mississippi Department of Education, in partnership with EdReports and Mississippi teachers and schools, has adopted HQIM for math and social studies. ELA is coming soon! Check out the materials, rubrics, and material reviews.

Selecting Materials

How does your district select materials? Every school has its own strategy for selecting materials. Learn more about how a district can select HQIM and the questions you can ask to help be part of that process.


Standards, EdReports, Evidence, oh my!: A lot goes into ensuring materials are high-quality. Check out this section to learn more about what it takes to have HQIM in your classroom.


We will provide you with updates here, the biggest being the ELA rollout coming later this year!

Private Facebook Group

We wanted a safe space for teachers to share their experience with high-quality instructional materials. Join us (and other Mississippi teachers) in our private Facebook Group to learn more about materials that will help bring your lessons to life!

Other cool resources:

  • Math Guide for Teachers: A place for Mississippi math teachers to learn more about the materials selection and adoption process for Mississippi schools.

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